Friday, 20 March 2009

Look at my lovely "Mystery"

Last week I was lucky enough to be picked out of the hat for a mystery give-away.
It was MrD who picked my name (thank you kind sir)
and "mystery" because the giver wasn't really sure what I would get!!!

But I am really chuffed!!! REALLY chuffed!!!
I got a little book on composting, which will be passed to DH
(been trying to convince him we need to compost for ages)
and a postcard full of beautiful photographs of the "giver's" home town.
And the very best bit, 2 wonderfully hand-knitted cloths.

I am so chuffed, they are so scrummy,
but I'm not going to use the cloths just yet,
I want to enjoy them as they are for a while.
So I want to say a really big "THANK YOU" to Sandie at
Dancing on a Blade of Grass

(and you'll be pleased to know you've given me the KUTB I needed
and I've bought some cotton yarn)

Love and Blessings in Christ


thriftymrs said...

Ooooh they are beeeeutiful. Congrats lovely lady.

Lajoni said...

What a great giveaway...were starting to compost again this year, put it off when we had builders in and never started again....go for it xxxx

LittleGem said...

Aw how lovely, well done BM :) X

MaryPoppins said...

Well done BM thay are fantastic giveaways, lucky you and lovely Sandie :)


Anonymous said...

Oh go on.... USE them!

I spoke to my sister this afternoon who has had one of my dishcloths for several months ... she just doesn't want it to get WET!!

I've promised her one she can look at so as she can use the other one!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I think CONGRATULATIONS are in order!
Well done!
Debbie Moss

Lace hearts said...

There couldn't have been a more perfect winner - I'm so glad you got Dancing's goodies.
You've made me laugh so much this morning with your quilting sprouts comment. I had such a bad day yesterday, I really needed that. Thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

angel said...

Well done BM, i am NOT
Great giveaway from our beaches, she is so kind.:-)
Bless your heart honey. Mwah X x X
Todays word is Parit...

angel said...

Arsoti....... i spat my coffee all over my poot......... lololololololololololol cant use this one....

Trish said...

ooohh lovley :) the dishcloths are gorgeous, I knit my own and do use them and they are fab to use hun, you will never go back :) We have been composting for just over a year, so last years is just about ready to use now :) its very satisfying hun xxx

bekimarie said...

What lovely goodies and wrapped in gorgeous paper too!
I started a compost bin a few months ago and hopefully it will come in handy for my partners homegrown veggies.
Take care
Beki xxx