Monday, 21 September 2009

My O My, How time flies.....

I have been so slack with my blogging just recently,
time has flown by this last couple of months.
It's beyond the middle of September
and I've nowhere near caught up with July and August yet!
Part of the reason is this little bundle of fun.

Meet Martha Bumpkin!
this was her just under 2 weeks ago,
unlike Cyril, it's very hard to get
a decent photo of her being active,
she loves the camera so much
that each time it's pointed at her
this happens !!!!

Martha is so tiny compared to Cyril,
it's hard to believe there is only
5 weeks between them.

The first 4 days of having them together
Martha spent hissing and spitting,
but now they love each other to bits,
and cause havoc around the house.
I'll try to get some better photos soon,
Cyril has grown so much, and is turning
into the biggest, soppiest,
Mummy's boy ever!

I've been trying to catch up with some sewing
(hard with 2 manic kittens around LOL)
so here are a few pics of recent makes
and our latest Craft Fair.

With love and blessings in Christ

ps. Watch out for my 2nd blogaversary
giveaway soon !!!