Friday, 20 March 2009

Look at my lovely "Mystery"

Last week I was lucky enough to be picked out of the hat for a mystery give-away.
It was MrD who picked my name (thank you kind sir)
and "mystery" because the giver wasn't really sure what I would get!!!

But I am really chuffed!!! REALLY chuffed!!!
I got a little book on composting, which will be passed to DH
(been trying to convince him we need to compost for ages)
and a postcard full of beautiful photographs of the "giver's" home town.
And the very best bit, 2 wonderfully hand-knitted cloths.

I am so chuffed, they are so scrummy,
but I'm not going to use the cloths just yet,
I want to enjoy them as they are for a while.
So I want to say a really big "THANK YOU" to Sandie at
Dancing on a Blade of Grass

(and you'll be pleased to know you've given me the KUTB I needed
and I've bought some cotton yarn)

Love and Blessings in Christ

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stocked the blogshop!!!!!!!!

I have a few goodies in my blogshop at last YAY!!!

Hope you enjoy looking at them.

Love and blessings in Christ

Sunday, 15 March 2009


Hello Blogland !!!

OK, so that's a hen not a cockeral but as you might be able to tell,
I'm quite upbeat this morning.

The sun is shining again and it looks like it's going to be another lovely day.
We had a sale at the church hall yesterday, and it was brill!
We opened for 3 hours and there was someone there for every minute.
We didn't make loadsamoney, it's obvious that people are
really feeling the pinch, but the atmosphere was really good,
very friendly and we did sell some of our newer stuff.

We decided we needed to make things that are lower cost
(because of the credit crunch) and it worked.

Claudia made a whole batch of new earrings to sell for under £3 (most under 2) and sold 14 pairs!!!!!!

My DH has been beavering away making wooden items for us,
and he was chuffed when I told him we sold something of his.

And I sold a chicken!!! Not even one of the brighter ones either,
and a set of scissors,
so together with all the other little bits and bobs
we were quite busy.

Thankfully, we still have lots of goodies left which means
I'll be able to stock the blogshop soon.

We're doing a coffee morning next Saturday, just one table, much easier,
and we're looking forward to that.
And in the meantime I have an order for cards too.
So all in all lots to be positive about and thankful for.

For our next "big" sale we've decided to ask the church if
we can run a full craft fair.
The church will get the rent from the tables, and probably have the usual cakes stall etc. And this is where my lovely blog friends come in.

I have organised several fetes etc, but never a craft fair.
Can anyone offer any advice please? Obviously there will be the usual advertising, but I'm wondering how widely I should advertise?
What sort of radius? 5miles? 10? How far would people travel for a craft fair?

And what about hired stalls? Should I stick to just handmade?
Or would vintage work too?
I don't really want just jumble-type stalls, I've been to those and where there's jumble people want to pay jumble prices for the crafts too.

Should I ask what people make and aim for a variety?
or just take the rent and not worry?

I know, so many questions so early in the morning, so I'll stop there. But seriously, I will appreciate any advice, so get your thinking caps on, please.

With love and blessings in Christ

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Bright and Breezy

The title sums up how I'm feeling today, and possibly the weather too.
At the moment the sun is shining and the day is looking good.

I'm hopeful that I'm on course for finishing most of the new goodies
I planned to make before next Saturday.
It's our first Sale this year, hopefully the first of many.

There's just a couple of new things I want to try,
but the designs are still in my head atm,
and some cards to make.
Not many cards though, there's seems to be so many card makers out there,
really lovely cards, so I'm concentrating more on my sewing.

I thought I'd give you a sneeky-peek at some of the things
that will be appearing on my other blog soon,
then I'll have to dash off.
Hair to dry, teeth to brush, etc.
A woman's work is never done :D

With love and blessings in Christ