Friday, 3 April 2009

Chopsticks and Fabric

If anyone has been reading Shabby Chic Cafe recently,

or seen me around Facebook,
you will know by now I have been painting chopsticks,
I've even speckled my chopsticks!!!
(actually the should have been spotty
but speckles were easier)
So just for those who have been wondering,
here are the chopsticks,
painted and speckled!

And this is what I need them for!

I shall put some of these lovelies in my blogshop soon.

On Wednesday I received a lovely parcel through the post,
not a complete surprise, but very, very welcome.
It was from Little Gem.

We had organised for her to get me
some lovely gingham fabric,
but Gem, bless her heart, has gone the extra mile
and sent me some extra too.

Thank you sweetie xxx

So today I am a happy bunny
(even though my hand/wrist is bandaged.....that's another story! Let's just say washing up is dangerous even when I don't get cut or scalded!!!)

With love and blessings in Christ


claire said...

aha it has all become clear now :)
love them - are they in the shop what about now???
(remind you of anyone lol :) xxx)

Lace hearts said...

LOL, Claire sounds just like someone who's obviously still snoring away oblivious...
They are fantastic. I was wondering what you were doing with them, you tease, though I'm a fine one to talk I guess with my buttons! They are gorgeous. Love the idea. xxxxxxxxxx

LittleGem said...

What a briliant idea for the chopsticks, would never have thought of that!!! Glad you like the fabric :) XX

Pixiedust said...

Wow, they are fab Elaine, are they in your blog shop yet? I can't quite remember if it was you, coz I'm blonde, lol, but did you say you'd be able to give me some advice on making beaks for geese? Takw Care, Pixie xxx

Elaine said...

Yes it was me. I'll pm you now while I'm thinking about it.


Martha said...

Hello Elaine!
Thanks for the comment about my blog!
What a great idea using chop sticks, they all look so precious!
Wishing you a wonderful day, Love

Lajoni said...

Thanks for the generous comments Elaine...The chopstick cuties are a brilliant idea, you have such a good imagination xxxx

Trish said...

oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh gingham!!!!!!!! :o) and I must buy at least one of your sticky thingys too :) xxx