Saturday, 23 May 2009

Birdhouse in your Soul

Can anyone remember the song of my title???
It just popped in my head when I loaded the photo,
but I can't remember who did it ??!!???
Just a quick update to let everyone know
I've not forgotten, swaps, PiFs etc.
They will be done soon (I hope)

Thought I'd show you all the pretty little bird feeder
I found in the local £shop, so pretty,
but as I was taking the photo the birds
in the tree were telling me off,
They love it already and wanted
me gone so they could feed !!!

Not sure why we have this sign next to our pond,
we don't have any fish !!!
Just a little bit of urban wildlife.

Love and blessings in Christ

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bags of Bags

I have my bag-making head on at the moment.
Shopping bags, tote bags,
foldable bags in their own little pouches,
but today I made my favourite bag.
It's my favourite because it's MINE!
I just love this Globaltex fabric,
but the bags on my blogshop are
aren't suitable for me (as much as I like them)
I needed a bag that is comfortable to wear
across my body rather than on my shoulder.
I've many shoulder bags I'm no longer able to use,
most of them are lovely, some have lots of buttons
(which I adore) but my poorly neck/upper back
means I can't use them.
Hence the need to design a bag that is both
functional and scrumptious.
And this is it!!!!

Very roomy, not too heavy,
wide comfy strap, that's adjustable.
And 6 pockets inside !!!!!!!

Room enough for the most avid junk collector *blush*
It will have it's first outing on Thursday.
TBH, I have already made 2 prototypes,
one I've already trialed, and one
for a friend to trial. Both have done good.
So I've stepped up the mark,
redesigned a few bits,
And added Pompoms.

Pompoms are my new love,
almost as good as buttons.
Now I'm off to make another, for the blogshop.

Oh, and this little beauty I made 2 weeks ago.
Well, not quite so little beauty,
it's actually quite a large tote.
I love the way the gingham bow turned out.

But this one is for selling, not for me.

Love and blessings in Christ

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Pay it Forward

Aren't these just gorgeous!!!
The lovely Sharon at Clover Cottage sent me
these lovely hand made gifts just for
commenting on her blog I received
a beautiful needle case
and a scrummy note book!!!!
Thank you so much Sharon *mwah*
Sorry the photos aren't up to scratch,

I made a right bodge-job of them, and
deleted the wrong ones (mega blush)

Thank you also to Mel at A Country Dream
for a lovely award.


I have to pass it on to 10 other lovely people
so here goes

Raspberry Grace
Shabby Angel
Clover Cottage
Painting New memories
Fifties Girl
Dolly Dollop
Jellies Jams Dolls
Biker Boots and Chicken Feet
Country Hearts and Home
Sew Hot Mitmot

Of course there are many other lovely people
I'd like to award, I think some have the award already
and I know the others soon will have.
But I'd love to be able to award you all

With love and blessings in Christ