Saturday, 31 October 2009

Bunting Around !!!

Hello lovely blogsters !!!
I'm afraid this year has got me stumped.
I'm sure we've skipped some days, weeks
or even months somewhere.
Or the Month fairies have stolen some
(pesky lil creatures)
See, I posted in September,
blinked twice
and it's the end of October!!!!

Anyway, I promised a give-away for
my second bloggerversary,
Where has that 2 years gone!!!!
And why haven't my writing or
photography skills got any better !!!

Now, to be very honest, I'm not entirely sure
what the give-away will be.
There will definitely be some Christmas bunting,
but other than that all I can say is
that anything else will most likely
(but not definitely)
be Christmassy.

So there you go, leave a comment here,
or on SCC if you are a member but have
no google account.

I'll be drawing the winner in around
a month's time-ish.

Good Luck !!!

With love and blessing in Christ