Saturday, 30 January 2010

Random Winter Warmer

I can highly recommend one of these
to keep you warm on
chilly winter days!
It's so snuggly to have over my knees
while I work on it.
The only problem is I have
almost used up all my bits of DK yarn now.

I don't like to use from whole balls
but I have cheated a little bit,
especially for the brighter colours.
As you can see, it's almost large enough
for my bed now

(thankfully I don't have a king-sized one!)

Cyril has found his own way to keep warm
(aside from cuddling up on the bed)

The basket is a shopping size one,
so you can guess how big he is now
when he's not curled in a ball.

I haven't managed to get a decent photo
of Martha Bumpkin for ages,
she's such a whirlwind and starts
jumping around everytime the
camera comes out.

As I said, Cyril is allowed on our bed now
And the lovely bargain quilted throw
I got from ebay last November
is a firm favourite.
We don't get little
*wet patches* anymore,
Now we just get paw prints!!!

You've just got to love the
little dears though :-)

Love and blessings in Christ

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

You might be forgiven..........

................... For thinking I missed Christmas
and the beginning of the year,
actually you wouldn't be far wrong if you did.
Due to (yet another) trapped nerve,
Christmas and New Years Eve were
both very subdued events.

We did manage to go to the family carol service
on Christmas Eve,
and to the morning Service on
Christmas Day,
and the usual trip to Mam's for
a lovely Turkey dinner followed by 90mins
of present opening.

When I say "opening presents"
what I actually mean is passing presents to either
Husband or Daughter to open for me
as both Mam and Bro are rather fond of
Sellotape !!!!!

As today is the "official" end of our Christmas period,
and tomorrow lots of my Latvian family
will be celebrating theirs,
I thought it might not be too late
to show a few glimpses of our

With Love and Blessings in Christ
for a special 2010

ps. I forgot to photograph my new slippers *doh*