Friday, 30 November 2007

Dec the Halls........tra la la la la

Good morning Blogland

Well Argos delivered on time, and the Christmas fair has been and gone.
It wasn't as well attended as we would have liked, the weather was awful, but we had fun. We gave away a few bibles and booklets, and all of the kids goody bags went (they had a nativity booklet, lolly, candy cane and stickers in them, really sweet). We're praying that all those who received any literature, will read it and have their eyes and hearts opened.

I am supposed to be cleaning and tidying right now ready for our sales at home tomorrow and Monday (definition of tidying; putting all the bags of fabric and paper out of public view!), It will get done eventually (hehehe)

We put our "ceiling" decorations up over the last 2 days. I haven't put out all the ornaments and candle holders yet, I don't want anyone to think they are for sale.!!??!!, but we'll do those as soon as the sales are finished.

I'm still waiting for Claudia to load the photos of the Christmas Fair onto the pooter, as soon as she does I'll post some. I didn't take my camera, should know better really.



Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Waiting for Argos

Hello and greetings to everyone in blogland !!!

I've been a bit on the busy side this last couple of weeks, getting things ready for the Christmas Fair this Saturday (and I still have lots to do) and doing Christmas card orders.
Here's a small selection of some of the cards that are part of an order of 100 (phew!!!)

They are a mixture of printed and stamped and this one............. one of my very favourite stamps. I have used it for myself so often that I'm in danger of sending people the same card year on year, so it was lovely to have the chance to use it for someone else. It's stamped onto gold pearlescent card and dusted with burgundy powdered food colour, then finished with a little matching chalk to set the powder. The food colour gives it a lovely, silky feel.

The last few days I've been decorating gift bags............

These are lovely paper bags, made from either recycled or sustainable sources. I can't be doing with the faff of making the bags from scratch, but buy them blank then decorate them with whatever takes my fancy. So there's ricrac, organza ribbon, lace, gingham and grosgrain ribbon, buttons, flowers, and a partridge in a pear tree (well maybe not but you get the idea).
I've tried to make them suitable for any occasion though there are a few that are Christmassy.

I'm sorry about the quality of the pics, they aren't as clear as I'd like. My camera is best used without the flash but the light wasn't as good as I hoped. The best place to take pics in my house is my bedroom, and I was constantly looking over my shoulder through the window.

I'm waiting for an Argos delivery, they say anytime between 7am and 6pm. It's not here yet.
I'll keep you informed, but I can't say what I've ordered, it's a secret sshhhhhh!!!!!!

Love and blessings



Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Memory Loss

Doesn't time fly !!! I hadn't realised I had neglected my blog for so long. Sometimes I just forget I've got a blog. Rubbish excuse I know, but I'd forget my head too if it wasn't attached !!!

The next few weeks are going to be sooooo busy too. Our lovely vicar is allowing us to hold the "Mustard Seed Gift Shop Christmas Craft Fair" in the church hall on the 24th November. I shall be working like mad replacing stock, and making new stock too. Thankfully I already have some Christmas goodies like these lovely pair

And other nice bits too, like this

So now it's a case of catching up with all the other things I need to make. I'm sure we'll be ready in time, but it's good to keep on my toes about these things.
Infact I tend to work much better with a deadline ahead of me.

So if I forget I have a blog again you know where I'll be........................


Elaine xxx

ps. If anyone wants details of any goodies or where the craft fair is, just leave a comment and I'll get back to you.