Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm back !!!!

Hello Everyone

Bet you'd all thought I'd emigrated or something didn't you?

Truth is, I really don't like the look of my blog
and it puts me off posting.
When Blogspot/Google made all the changes
a while back, it confused me.
I tried changing my background, which didn't work
and I couldn't change it back
(hence the 2 styles)
It also ended up wider than my screen
(haven't a clue how that happened)
So, all in all, I've been avoiding posting.

But, I've decided I need to get a grip.
What I can't change I'll just have to leave.
One day I may understand all this
technology stuff......maybe ;)

I've been beavering away at my chine recently
and made a few new things
and thought some of my followers
might just still be with me and would like
a look-see

With Love & Blessings in Christ