Friday, 31 October 2008

My brilliant day out

Now, I know I might sound a tad of a saddo in this post, but I really don't care LOL

It's my birthday soon, you know the kind when people expect a big party. Now personally I can't see the point. I celebrated being 21, and if I am working at the time, I can see the point of celebrating retirement (though how does one retire from working at home ????)
Anyway, if other people want to party, I will gladly wish them well, and even help them, but it's not for me.

So my lovely daughter came up with another way of celebrating.

All year I have (partly) jokingly said that all I want is a donkey, adopting a donkey would do fine. So my daughter arranged for my nephew to take me to a donkey sanctuary for the day.

It was brilliant. I felt like a child again, having gained a love of donkeys at the age of 10 while learning the poem by Walter de la Mare, Nicholas Nye.
When we were small, we didn't do donkey rides, I was 8 before I saw the sea, and that was a cold wet day. Of course I'd seen donkeys, but that poem just sparked something inside me.

Don't get me wrong, I don't go mad and have everything donkey around me. I do have a couple of ornaments, but the real thing is better. And today I got to cuddle and scratch lots of donkeys.
(Donkeys love to be scratched really hard, almost as much as eating!)

Anyway, here are a few pics of the most gorgeous donkeys, all of them rescued.

I love geese too, and this lovely fellow I could have bundled up and brought home, such a character!

I hope you can see him in the middle of the photo, he is very big!!!

So, that's been my day. Wonderful. Thank you Claudia xxxx

Love and blessings in Christ

Monday, 20 October 2008

Sorry it's been so long

The last few weeks have been such a pain, I haven't bothered with blogging at all, I'm so sorry everyone. But I'm here now and the problems, unfortunately, are still here too.
Never mind.

I haven't sewn much over the last few weeks either, the decorating was a night mare, plaster falling off the walls and everything, and I still need to make new curtains too, but I needed somewhere to keep my small collection of buttons, so I have made these over the last few days. Hopefully they will fit my new dresser.

I did measure the gap for them, but I haven't tried them yet. I made 2, well because the shelf will take 2, but I didn't realise just how big they would be, so all my little boxes fit in one fabric box. Now the other is housing my huge rolls of ribbon with lots of room to spare.
The floral fabric I have had for years and I'm really pleased I finally have a use for it (it might even end up on the sofas as cushion covers too), and the lovely pink check fabric was part of a parcel from the very lovely Heather.

Even though I haven't posted for a while, I still haven't got much news without moaning on about what's been happening, so I won't bore you all with that.

Love and blessings in Christ
Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx