Wednesday, 29 June 2011

To Shabby or Not to Shabby

For the last few years, I've been wondering about
all this painted furniture lark.
Do we, don't we? What if we do and regret it?
What if we do and it all goes wrong????
Well, our 80's dresser has long since seen better days,
and as the shop just a few minutes walk away
has some fab Craig & Rose heritage paints
at just £2.99 a tin,
it would have been rude not to give it a go,
wouldn't it???

So the dresser went from this

to this!!!!

Not that I did it, I just directed ;o)

Lovely Hubbly did the deed, after practising on a
tallboy cupboard bought from a charity shop.
(more about that in another post)

I'm so pleased now it's done.
It makes the room look so fresh & bright.
Now all the pine furniture is going to have the same makeover.

Just a bit at a time, over the summer.

Oh, and what do you think to my new

I found a great little book in The Works
and got a bit inspired.
The patterns aren't a direct copy as such
(greatly increase in size and tweaked somewhat)
but they are very similar.

I'm just loving doorstopweightytypethingies at the moment,
especially as they all smell so good with my
special doorstopweightytypethingy
mix of rice & oils

with love & blessings