Friday, 2 January 2009

I must be honest and say I'm not usually one to revel in a New Year-New Start type of thing. Usually I'm pretty laid back about what has happened through the year and I don't expect things to be much different as the old year passes.
But I am glad to see the back of last year. Don't get me wrong, there was much good in it, but so much stress that it knocked me for 6.
But, I know God would not give me more than I could handle, so even though the rough patches carried on right upto Christmas, I made it through the year, hanging on to the rim of it by my battered nails LOL.

The doggy, Poppy, was back at the vets today to have her stitches removed from the operation she had on the 22nd of December, and has been given as clean a bill of health as any 14 year old dog could have.
Having lost our beloved Dizzy (cat) back in November the thought of losing Poppy too was too much to even think of.
But she's so bouncy for her age, and constantly thinking of her next meal, or the snacks in between, you would never think that on the 20th December we had to seriously consider not having her around for Christmas.

And so, we start the New Year with 2 very large vet bills to pay, (Thank God we have very understanding vets) but having my beautiful Poppy is worth it all.

My prayer for you all is that you have a wonderfully peace-filled, joy-filled, love-filled 2009, and that you all will have the happiest year, yet have the strength to cope with whatever it throws at you too.

Love and Blessings


Anonymous said...

Very best wishes to you for the New Year BM.

love and hugs Sandiexx

Lace hearts said...

Oh, I wish her a speedy recovery, and let's hope we all have a better 2009. I know I'm praying it will be easier than 2008, which seems to have been a hard year for so many people I know.
Our beloved dog died when she was 10, after getting cancer, and I felt so sad that she should have lived longer. I still miss her lots, and she died 5 years ago!

LittleGem said...

Happy New Year BM! Thankyou for the lovely comment, glad you like the blog so far..I must try to keep it up! XX Gem

fiftiesgirl said...

Glad your doggy is doing ok, Happy new year and best wishes x

LittleGem said...

Glad your heart has been put to good use! Its silly but I never make them (or much at all) for myself I prefer to give them away! I do like making my hearts for swaps though...can never have too many hearts I think! X

Martha said...

I hope your little doggie will do well for a very long time! We have a pug and I swear, my husband gives her more attention than he does me! We love her dearly, she is more human than some humans!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting. Yes, wool blankets are warm.

Today I went out to look for some wool fabric to use for making a pillow and a penny rug. . .the closest fabric store to me no longer carries it, so I guess I will have to buy it online! I wanted to start crafting again, I did find some scraps so will start with those.

Happy New Year,