Saturday, 10 January 2009

Time to Sew.... and stuff

Oh dear oh dear. I've allowed myself to become very lazy this last month *blush*

The sewing has been at a complete stand still for 3 weeks now, and even the pictures I printed for our 2009 calendars are still sitting on top of the printer waiting to be cut out.
And I'm blaming the weather LOL.

It's perfect weather for curling up on the sofa
and letting the world (and time) pass by.

So, today I really must make a January "to do" list that
is sensible and achievable.

I need to do a little shopping,
and take a New Baby card to my Goddaughter.

Then try to tackle some of my "to do" list.

Here's hoping (eeekkkkkkk!!!!!)

Love and blessings in Christ

Elaine xxxxxxxxxxx

ps. This picture is how I'd like to think I look, but unfortunately I don't !!!
though the top pic is pretty close to how I looked
40-odd years ago !


Lace hearts said...

Lists are the way to go! But I think three weeks off over Christmas and New Year is acceptable. Just. LOL. Huge congratulations on the new baby - it sounds as if they live close enough that you'll be seeing quite a lot of them, which is lovely.

second wind said...

I'm feeling much the same. I make lists too but not much gets crossed off! Love the bottom picture of the happy sewing lady. Those were the days!Congrats on the new baby, lots of snuggles for you x

angel said...

Love the pic's though i have seen one's of you and i know you are much better looking than the woman in the bottom picture!!!! she is a minger compared to you.

Oh a new baby wow....... lucky you.

I have tried to pm you but my poot keeps crashing...grrrrr
I love the idea of the Cherub and so does Dan..... can you take a photo and let me see it? is it Antionette type.... oops i'm taking over your blog..... sorry.

Love and hugs Honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

fiftiesgirl said...

I know how you feel. I have so much in my mind that i want to do but my motivation is lacking at the moment. Im blaming the weather!! x

Elaine said...

Thanks for the comments ladies xxx

I think lists are the way to go.... but haven't done anything about it yet apart from looking at pics of what to make for our March sale.

Angel, you are too kind. left a msg on your blog about the pics.


angel said...

Lol, me kind i dont fink so...
Thanks for showing me the cards they all look delish. :-)
Thank you honey for doing it for us. mwah.

Raspberry Grace said...

Can you make a list for me too?

(and give me a kick up the ...)

Love, Rasp x