Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas 2008

Welcome to our world.

For the most part it looks quite sedate,
but there is a little undercurrent of a tiny bit of mayhem LOL

This is how my nephew, Neil, greeted us Christmas morning, he'd just visited his nephews and nieces before work (he's a chef, and a very good one too!) the youngest now thinks that Uncle Neil is SANTA !!!

It was my sister's birthday on Sunday so I made her some of her favourite sweets.
She's not one for sweets much (haven't a clue who she takes after???)
but she does like marzipan covered walnuts.
I'd already given her her present before Christmas,
but everyone needs something to open on their birthday, don't they ?

(BTW, these are the ones that wouldn't fit in the box)

Last night (29th) she and her husband came for their annual meal too.
I don't get chance to do posh often, so I like to make the most of it,
and laid the table,
lit the candles and placed the crackers

After, we always play some game or other, and last nights game was cards.
Take 2 was the main game. we play for chocolate money,
and after exchanges of coins
(some legal, some not)
Bro-in-Law decided that the very last game
(after midnight) should be a winner-takes-all pot.

And I Won

And to finish, just a few more pics of my tree.
Did I say I love my tree???

Love and blessings
Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


angel said...

Oh Elaine its BEAUTIFUL your tree your room and your dining table.:-)
Well done on getting everything done and gorgeous in time for Christmas.

Love massive huggles and a million Blessings. Mwah X x X x X x X x X

ps yayhhhh on winning all that Chocolate money...... slurp.....

Anonymous said...

Oooooh BM your dining table and room look so gorgeous and inviting. Well done!

Have a happy and healthy 2009 xxxxxxxxxxx

Lace hearts said...

Elaine, it all looks so beautiful, and very very cosy. It sounds as if you had a lovely time. And lucky you winning the chocolate money stash!

Lace hearts said...

Just popping in to wish you a very happy new year - you deserve to have a fantastic 2009, and I hope it is a good year for you. xxxxxxxxxx

sharie said...

Hope you enjoyed your winnings - gold coins too, very posh :-)
Love the photos of your room, so cosy and warm and welcoming.

Martha said...

Hi Elaine! I love your tree and your dining table looked so pretty! What a lovely dinner party you must have had and fun, I like the idea of playing for chocolate money! I love the look of lit candles and the twinkle of tree lights, I miss them when they are put away. I still have my main tree up and will take it down tomorrow.
A belated Happy Brithday to your sister and my DH said to tell you thank you for the birthday wishes!

A very Happy New Year to you and those you love!