Wednesday, 17 December 2008

How come it's December the 17th already !!!

Sorry I've been away from my blog for so long, life has been a bit of a pain lately, but I had to post about my lovely Shabby Chic swap that arrived today from the lovely (and over generous)
Shabby Angel.

The theme is Christmas, but neither the wrapping or the box inside was giving anything away
Then I opened the box to be met with a sea of white tissue each bit containing lots of sparkley doves and stars and pretty little crosses

And each little (and large) tissue-wrapped parcel held it's own delight.
There was lots of Christmas decorations....................
And some scrummy chocolates
The most gorgeous Christmas table runners
Then I found the most delicious Laura Ashley place mats and napkins
And the loveliest of hand made aprons with it's own matching potholder, absolutely beautifully made, and a sweet little chiffon scarf, so pretty.

All of this packed neatly into a felted magazine caddy !!!!
And to top it all off I got my lovely wooden tea caddy, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So thank you so much Shabby Angel, you really are the sweetest angel ever xxxxxxxxxxx

With Love and Blessings in Christ


Anonymous said...

Ooooooh BM .... it's lovely to read a post from you ... have missed your blogging.

What a wonderful parcel from that Angel .... she's something special isn't she? (but don't tell her I said so).

Beautiful gifts xxxxxxxxx

Country Bliss said...

Wow what a lovely swap it's all scrummy. Angel is so good at spoiling people isn't she?
Yvonne x

angel said...

Glad you like it BM, thought you may like the apron as it was a little bit Christmassy. [just dont look to hard at the stitches... oh and dont wear it co's it will probably fall apart.... lol.

Im glad you got the Chicken caddy, i had to take it out of the other box of crafty bits i have for you, though its not full enough yet to send.