Saturday, 20 September 2008

Happy Blog-a-versary to me!!!!!!

I can hardly believe it's been just over a year since I started my blog, it's gone so fast. I almost missed my Blog-a-versary we've been in such a tiz this last week, so I thought I'd wait until the weekend before I made this post.
I remember when I started I really didn't know what I'd say, or if I'd have anything to say, but here I am still plodding on a year later.

The last week has been a bit of a trial, nothing really by worldly standards, but trying for us never the less. I won't bore you with all the details, I'll just say we're decorating the living room and it hasn't all gone to plan (I'm sure many of you know that feeling!)

So, just to say thank you to all my readers for being there for me, and putting up with my ramblings, I'm having a give-away to celebrate the last year.

And here it is!

I designed the bag a month or so ago (probably more like 2) and this is (so far) just 1 of 4. Each has its own little quirk, (this one has a different button to it's sister) so there is only 1 just like this.
This one is made from a beautifully pattern baby cord and faux suede outside, and has long straps to fit on your shoulder nice and secure for shopping.
It's got a ribbon draw string, and 2 pockets inside, a large zipped 1 and a little phone pocket too.
It's quite roomy inside and fully lined (even the pockets!)
And so far none are "owned" (not even by me) so the winner will be the first to have this design.

If you'd like a chance to own the bag, just leave a comment and I'll pull a name from the hat next Saturday (27th September) and announce the winner here.

I'd also just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has left comments over the last year,
it really does mean alot to know others are out there, and I am humbled by the comments left, especially on my last post. Thank you all xxxx

Love and blessings in Christ


MaryPoppins said...

Well done on plodding on, i am a new blogger and if i am here in a year wow I would be so chuffed with myself and i am sure you are too, what abeautiful bag, i love it and can see all my DSs nappies and wipes and toys and spare clothes all snuggly in there :) oh how special to offer a one of a kind please can i go in the hat, i love it X

Lace hearts said...

Elaine, how wonderful. Big congratulations, and what a lovely Bloomin' Myrtle original. Please throw me in the hat on a rather large piece of paper (lol) - well, larger than Angle's bit, anyway (joke!). Where is she, missing her. She's gone quiet. Must have fallen in the compost.
Have a wonderful weekend decorating - I'm doing the same with the landing, inbetween my back twinging, so will be thinking of you. Blessings. xxx

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary BM! Gosh not sure I'll make a year with blogging.


Raspberry Grace said...

The bag is beautiful, and so is your heart, you're a credit to your Lord and saviour, and a wonderful friend to us all.

All my love, Rasp xx

sparkle bug said...

BM you may be plodding on but i love reading your blog and do so every week. Congratulations on your first anniversary and may there be many more years of happy blogging. The bag is gorgeous and i'd love to go into the hat please xxx

Miss_Phish said...


Well done petal, quite an acheivement!

angel said...

Well BM i dont know why you didnt just send it to me [you know we have this sewed up that im gunna win].
I am so happy that you started blogging and that you encouraged me to do the same, [bet you wished you hadnt now, lol].
I love all your posts so Happy Blogaversary Honey.
Love hugs and blessings, Mwah X x X x X x X x X

claire said...

Happy Blogaversary to you :)
How lovely of you to share your talent...please put me in the hat too xx

keeping the faith said...

Oh go on go on go on go know you want to give it me LOL
Lovely thought and God Bless whoever wins the lovely prize and God bless you Elaine xxx

Country Bliss said...

Happy blogaversary!
I'd love a chance to win your beautiful bag.

second wind said...

A whole year, gosh that is a milestone. Well done Elaine. Your designer bag is beautiful and I would love to enter the hat/bag for a chance to own a one-off sewn by your fair and talented hands. Such a generous celebration of your blogday xx


Hi Elaine, congrats on your Aniversary! Ohhhh I just love that bag! Please put me in the hat!
x Vicky x

pippi_plum said...

Such a Gorgeous bag. You are very talented.
Happy Anniversary!!!

Pippi(from ShabbyChic Cafe)

Martha said...

Hi Elaine, Thanks for stopping by. It is nice to hear you love my new dolls.

Wishing you a Happy Blog a versary! Congratulations.

I had months of doing what you are now up to regarding house decorating! I enjoy the fun decorating, for me the other is hard,hard work.

Also, thank you for the blog award you gave me a while back.

Hugs, Martha

Lea said...

Congrats on your 1 year blog-a-versary honey!!

Very cute bag... Enter me in :)

Look forward to more years of your blogging *hugs* xx