Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Green is the colour

August's swap at Shabby Chic Cafe was "Green", so I decided to set myself a challenge.
How much could I make from one thrifted pillow case? It was just an ordinary, average sized pillow case, and this is what I come up with.

Firstly a simple peg bag
Next came these napkin rings
I added paper napkins

Then I made the pillow
I had a little bit of fabric left so I made a small scented heart. I haven't loaded that picture on because it was dire, but you can see the heart dangling from the peg bag in the top photo.

So here's my challenge to you.
How much can you make from a pillow case?
Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

Love and blessings in Christ


Trish said...

ooohhhhh Elaine, I may tke you up on this challenge hun, I have a pillow case that cost me 25p a while ago and have been wondering what I could do with it, this will make me have a good think, thank you xxx

Lace Threads said...

What a fab challenge...and I have just the pillowcase for it! Such a fun idea! I'll have a good think. Clever you! xxx

MaryPoppins said...

What beautiful pretties you have made, i would love to have ago can one add fabric to it here and there

claire said...

I think I'll give this a go too - give me something to blog abput if nowt else lol!!
I have a stripey pillow case and a couple of ideas :)

Elaine said...

Wonderful, I can't wait to see everything.

Anything can be added (I did LOL)

Go girls!!!!

Raspberry Grace said...

Well Done you :)

I wonder.. does rampant slobbering count as a craft? I can do that with a pillowcase no problem! :)

Country Bliss said...

Wow, that's really clever. I have quite a few thrifted pillowcases, may have to have a go at this!
I saw a skirt made from a pillowcase, on a blog!

sharie said...

A great challenge but why does my mind instantly go blank when I'm challenged? !!!
LOL, I don't think I'd beat your wonderful lovely handmade items. I really don't know which I like best they are all SO good.

angel said...

Oh Joy............. I aint got a scobby, but i am willing to have a go .............. i think.

What a wonderful idea Honey, if it works [for me] it would be a great thing to challenge our friends and familys with.
A great idea for the WIN ladies.

God Bless you my Angel and dear sweet sister. Mwah, X x X x X x X

heather said...

great idea, but sadly i will not be up for the challenge... as at mo i havent got much time spare... but if i did i am sure i could cheat..lol... as i get loads of those long double pillow cases in. i think they are called bolsters ? but htey only come in white...

good luck everyone cant wait to see what you do..

BM.. you are sooo creative, and crafty...i am sooo jealous..lol..

Elaine said...

Heather........... just had a thought.
You could supply us with the pillowcases. Just odd patterned ones.

We used to have bolsters on our beds when we were kids.


angel said...

I am telling yo all my secrets noe but........... i copied the pic to the desktop, then i went to my blog went into erm the bit where it says add stuff like pic's and fings, then you will get a fingy open that says add pic, go to "desktop" right click then open then add............ simple. :-)

Love and hugs & Blessings Honey.
Mwah Mwah mwah, X x X x X x X x X x X

Trish said...

Elaine, the post is up today on creative world hunny :) hope you like it xxx

Elaine said...

Had a look Trish, it's lovely.

I will try to follow your instructions Angel, but............
I'd rather sew, it's easier LOL


second wind said...

I think this is a great idea, Elaine and I hope to have a go too. I can't believe that you managed to make so many lovely things!!