Friday, 23 May 2008

Me !!!!!!!!! Tagged ????????

I've just been told by my lovely friend Raspberry Grace that I've been tagged!
I can't see any tags........................ oh Bloggie-type Tag (doh!)

Ooo dear, now lots of questions, I'm no good at questions, can I have multiple choice? no? oh well here goes.

I have to answer 6 questions about myself, then tag 6 more people, right?

Question 1; What was I doing 10 years ago?

Ooo, eerrrmmmm, I'm not sure. I no I certainly wasn't on the internet, no blogs back then.
I lived in the same house with the same people (scratches head trying to come up with something) I suppose, in my personal life a few things have changed. Back then I was deeply involved in my local church. I sang with the music group, worked with the children on Sundays and in the week, cleaned the church hall, was involved with the PCC (elected governing body).
I don't do any of those things now, but I am involved in other things.

Question 2; 5 things on my "to do" list for today.

Well that has changed several times today already. I was going to go shopping, but decided to wait until my other half came home from work.

I decided to wash my hair, but that went out the window as the tester-blokes came to check the gas fires.

I decided to do a bit of sewing, but haven't yet because the tester-blokes were here so long.

I decided to look through my stash (that's still waiting to be re-housed in the cubbyhole) for fabric for my rabbits (you'll know what I'm talking about in a few days) but haven't yet because I had to move stuff for the testers-blokes.

I decided to do the washing up, and I have.............well almost.

I decided that making "to do" lists are just a waste of time in this house LOL

Question 3; What snacks do I enjoy?

That's easy. FOOD hehehe

Question 4; What would I do if I were a millionaire?

First, I would have a house where I could have a spare bedroom, and a craft room.

Next, I would open a real Mustard Seed Gift Shop (but actually pay someone to run it while I made things)

Then, of course give some money to my favourite charities and ministries.

Of course, while I was so busy doing all this my fabric stash would have run so low I would have to buy lots more lovely fabric !

Question 5; Places I have lived?

That's easy too. I'm a local girl and have never moved around much. I have only ever lived in 5 different houses, all within a 10 miles radius, so basically boring but I like it and have never been bothered by it.

Question 6; Ermmmmmmmmm Is there a question 6?

Tag 6 other people? That's probably the hardest of all

Shabby Angel?, no she's been done.

Lace threads?, no she's been done too.

Raspberry Grace? no, she tagged me!

Now this is one I am going to give some thought to....................hey I have a new "to do" for my list LOL

Love and Blessings


Raspberry Grace said...

You are funny too :)

I got about as much done today as you did !

But thats ok because blogging is a valuable and worthwhile activity (ahem!)

moving swiftly on..when you get this shop, can I have a job?

love, rasp xxx

Raspberry Grace said...

ps: there is no question 6, it is an ex question.. it has ceased to be!

Lace Threads said...

I love the answers - your shop would be so lovely as well.
You could tag Angel again!

Elaine said...

Tag Angel again???
Did you read her answers?? Blimey, re-tagging Angel is bordering on the dangerous LOL !!!

When I'm a millionaire I will buy a house near me and you can run my shop Rasp, no probs


Raspberry Grace said...

LOL @ bordering on dangerous..

angel said...

Oi you lot, My questions took a lot of thought and effort,[admittedly a couple of whiskeys also], so there.*sticking tongue out rudely* LOL.

That was great Elaine, you always make me laugh, I can just imagine you sitting there scratching your head, thinking. LOL.

Now about this Job, when do you want me to start. hummmm