Friday, 16 May 2008

I've been shopping !

Well, nothing unusual there LOL, but 2 posts in 2 days, now that really is something !!!

I thought I'd share my bargains with you, especially my beautiful new comfy sandals. Now I realise that they look like an odd pair (who knows if I can't make up my mind I might even wear them that way) but I thought showing one of each is a tad easier. So here they are.................

.................aren't they lovely!, maybe not everyones cup of tea, but I'm built for comfort not speed, and these will probably see me through the next few summers, proper shopping desert wellies.
But I've not told you the best bit yet..................... just £5 a pair, yep 5 bloomin' quid !!! I couldn't believe it !!!

I've been on the look out for something like them for a while but nothing seemed quite right, until I saw these (and the price)
For me, they'll do just fine

Then, after that lovely find I went to Dunhelms where I found this lovely stash. Can a day get any better ? well maybe, but not often.
The assistants told me some time ago that they wouldn't be stocking much Homespun fabric any more, so I was stunned to find a whole new batch with colours they've not had before.
All of the colours are mixed with pale cream/off white, from left to right they are Shocking pink, Black, Red, Beige and Blue, next is some lovely shocking pink sheeting fabric (although it looks red in the photo, it is almost an exact match for the homespun) and next to that is some batting, a lovely soft fabric I use in quilting or for lining some of my makes such as the dogs and cats.

Anyway, that's my evening sorted, I'm off to do some cutting out .................... happy days !

Love and Blessings in Christ



angel said...

I love the newbie shoes Lanie, they is lovely, I think you should wear them just as they are, Odd. lol.
the fabric is lish too, you are a real classy shopper.

Love Hugs and abundant Blessings.


Raspberry Grace said...

The sandals are fab, exactly the kind I would go for. :)

The fabric is lovely too.. I feel deprived having never experienced the magic of dunelms!

Love, rasp xx

Elaine said...

Thanks for the comments girls,

You'll soon have the pleasure of Dunhelms RaspX

I was thinking of the beige and cream fabric for my new cutains but I can't find the paint chart to check it!


Raspberry Grace said...

Do you mean the cream and beige gingham for the living room curtains?

love, rasp xx

(no Dunelms near us btw, but I will have LA and John Lewis.. I think Dunelms might be a regional store).

Elaine said...

Hi Rasp,

Yes the beige and cream, it's really pretty, and only £3.99 a mtr.

Dunhelms is National but not sure about North of the border.

If there's anything you like you only have to say XXX

Raspberry Grace said...

Oh, I know, thank you ((elaine))

The beige will look lovely with the raspberry and teal, it's a lovely colour combination.

love, rasp xx