Friday, 22 February 2008

I still haven't done any climbing....................

...........So I haven't taken photos of my finds yet (oopppsss) but I have been busy over the last 4 weeks, with the proof below

I had been given some lovely Laura Ashley vintage samples. Genuine vintage (well, ish) not repro. The lady who gave them to me bought them well over 20 years ago but never got around to using them. I've had them several months before daring to cut into them, but as I have very little room left in the house I had to start somewhere!

First I made lots of pillow and heart bowl fillers. I scented them with a concoction of oils I have collected and the closest thing I can say they smell like is Aqua Manda (can anyone out there remember Aqua Manda?)

Next I made the patchwork hangy-thingies (???!!???) The squares and hearts are Laura Ashley, the border is American Homespun, and the words are cross-stitched by my own fair hand (doesn't happen often!)

Then I made these lovelies, I think I might call them "Smelly Cats"!

The smaller one is made from American homespun, and the larger one is made of printed cotton.
The base has about 2" of a lentil and split pea mix, scented with oils, to make them stand firmly.
They smell of spices and perfume, mostly sandalwood, hence the name Smelly Cats!

These, and all the other goodies I've been making, are for our sale on Saturday. If anyone reading lives close by you're most welcome to come along. It's at Emmanuel Church Hall, Church Street, Swadlincote, this Saturday (23rd) from 11am til 3pm.

Anyway, it's past midnight here now, and I still have some bits to do (do you think it's too late to bake ???)

Love and Blessings



Raspberry Grace said...

Just lovely :)

love, rasp xx

cd&m said...

Your smelly cats are gorgeous

Elaine said...

Thanks for your comments, it's really encouraging.

Love and blessings xxxxx

(I can't get to see your blog RG)

Raspberry Grace said...

I've closed it.

Elaine said...

That's sad (((Rasp)))

Raspberry Grace said...

Not really :).. if theres nothing left to say, whats to do?

love, rasp xx

sparkle bug said...

Your smelly cats are so lovely, wish i lived near you as i'd camp on your doorstep for sewing lessons xx