Monday, 28 January 2008

Yukky Dark Days

Hello everyone, it seems so long since Christmas, much longer than 5 weeks, but then again it's 4 weeks since my last post here. Sorry (said with a shamed face)

We still haven't had any snow since the end of November, so that is what I am blaming for my general lack of enthusiasm. Yukky Dark Days !

At least with a bit of snow around the air is fresher and cleaner, and everything looks so much brighter. But my enthusiasm is a match for the weather. Dark, damp and barely lukewarm.

I haven't even took any new photos this year, though I will try soon. I bought a lovely trinket (for want of a better word) from the charity shop last week, which my husband put on a high shelf before I had chance to photograph it. So now I either have to climb with camera in hand, then balance while I snap away, or climb to get the trinket down from the shelf ! Either way I'll probably loose my balance (humf)

Anyway, by way of having something to look at, here are a couple of pictures of the Mustard Seed Gift Shop Christmas Fair, held in our church hall last year (boy it seems like such a long time ago)

Our vicar has given permission for us to hold more sales in the hall this year, the first of which takes place on the 23rd February. It's good to have a date to work to, now I might just get some of my enthusiasm back!!!!

With Love and Blessings in Christ,

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vintage twist said...

We haven't even had any snow yet! The Mustard Seed sale looked like a good one, great to have such a good venue for more events.