Tuesday, 1 January 2008


...................New Year to one and all !!!!

We had a quiet night in this New Years Eve. Not that we've had a rough year or anything like that, but it has been tiring, and quietly seeing in 2008 flicking the TV between Jools Holland and Take That suited us fine.

Lots of the family had had flu viruses over Christmas, or got flu just in time for New Year anyway, so no-one was up for much celebration, just chillin'.

I have started my Christmas 2008 campaign already, having wrapped and labelled several presents I've bought in the sales. I was so far behind with everything last year and I don't want to be that far behind again this year. It probably wont last, I'll get stuck for ideas, or can't find what I want, but at least I have 17 presents all ready to go!!!!

Anyway, that aside, may I give you my love, and pray for you all to have a Peace-filled, Joy-filled, Love-filled 2008.

With Love and Blessings in Christ