Thursday, 18 October 2007

New places

Just a quick post for now.

We've had a bit of a stressful week this week and I haven't been able to knuckled down to work, so I've been "surfing" instead.

I found (through various places and links) Joanna Sheen's online shop.

WOW. It's not a big place but it's well worth a visit. I have a couple of Joanna's CDRoms, which I love, so I had to give it a whirl and last night I placed an order.

I've put a link in "Places I'd like to be" because I know I'll be visiting often.

Love & blessings

Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 comment:

Raspberry Grace said...

I hope you are ok, and not too stressed?

I've got a Joanna Sheen picture in my kitchen - dried cherry tomatoes.

Very nice it is too!

love, rasp xx