Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Busy time ahead

Hello folks out there in blogland.

We had quite a busy weekend with our homesale on Saturday. It's always a last minute rush transforming the house from a "factory" into a "shop", and now changing everything back again!

All of the stock that's kept in the loft is now back in the loft, so it won't be long until the dining table is covered with card and fabric and anything else I can fit on it!

Firstly, I want to make some shopping bags, just plain cotton or nylon carrier bags. I have several I've bought and they're so useful, but the shop I bought them from doesn't have any more. I've seen similar ones for sale in another shop, but they are a bit pricey compared to mine. So I thought "why not make some?" I've lots of fabric that needs using, and it seems a popular option nowadays to use re-usable bags rather than have a mountain of plastic freebies.

Talking of sewing, I made this last week
I made it directly from the pattern, just a trial run. She could do with a bit of tweaking but she's quite cute I think. She has a little "secret" pocket..............

....................in her body. Very useful.
The cushion she is sitting on I made a few weeks ago. My first attempt at patchwork applique ( in a very long time).

My daughter, Claudia, has been taking photos for the shop (how does the link thing work on here!!!! grrrr) when she has revamped the website I'll learn how to do the links (one day).

With love and hugs in Christ

Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxx

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Raspberry Grace said...

Your such a clever little chicken E, you really are!

The patchwork is fab too.

love, rasp xx