Wednesday, 19 September 2007


I think I've cracked the link problem.

My dear friend Raspberry Grace helped me. I didn't realise I had been putting in 2 lots of "http//" , once RG told me about that, I soon had the links up and running.

I have a confession to make now. I didn't make a list. Not even one thing written down. Not even a smudge on a scrap of paper. Nothing.

I blame Ideal World. They have a craft day. I started watching last night, and the telly is on now, just in case I see anything I simply must have. And now for my second confession. I ordered something an hour or so ago. Stamps. Wonderful, beautiful snowflake stamps. 2 sets, with embossing powders, all for £20, and free p&p!!!. I'm sure I shall make the most of my bargain, but I'm still watching, you never know, there might be bigger and better bargains to be had.

And I really need snowflake stamps.

I have done a few other jobs today too, just to make me feel better about not writing the list. Sheets are in the washing machine as we speak, and I am now going to write that list, right now. No, really I am. And I might even make a start on it by the weekend!

Love and hugs in Christ,

Elaine xxxxxxxxxx

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