Friday, 21 September 2007

One of those days

I knew I didn't need to go out today, but still the dull weather seems to dull the enthusiasm too.

After succeeding on the card front(for now anyway)(large family,don't ask how many) I thought I'd crack on with a bit of sewing. The plan was to make some country rabbits in Christmas clothes. So I got out my neatly kept pattern from it's folder, prepared the fabric for the bodies, took the pattern from it's packet, and no body parts. Three sizes of rabbits, every single piece of clothes pattern kept in pristine condition, yet no body pieces. Goodness knows what's happened to them, I haven't used the pattern in years. I went through every pattern in the folder too, but nothing. I thought I would have to fetch another pattern today (in the hope that it was still available) and I didn't really want to go out, so I took to the internet instead.

Whatever would we do without the internet. I found the pattern I wanted quite quickly and ordered it. The problem is could I stop at just one pattern. No. I ordered 5 !!!!! But they are really cute, and will certainly be used for the Mustard Seed Gift Shop. The thing is though, I never seem to be able to make anything to the directions. I love to tweak things here and there, change sizes or faces, add extras, or change the clothes completely. Years ago, when Claudia was little I worked for a dress maker for a bit of extra money. It was a most valuable experience. I learned how to make basic patterns, change the sizes of almost any pattern, basically be able to make things from scratch. Trouble is nowadays I don't seem to have the time so I thought if I start with a pattern I can always "make it my own".

Last week one of the local charity shops had a clear out. I bought a bagful of goodies and yesterday I got around to washing them

And this morning I sorted them, ironed and cut them into more usable pieces.
Now I have (yet another) stash

Hopefully in a few weeks the fabric will be dresses for our Habakkuk Vintage Angels, each one sold provides another £4 towards rent for the shop we would like.

Although not all of the Angels are made from vintage fabric, it is usually reclaimed or vintage style remnants, that way we can keep the cost low. This is what they look like

We're hoping to sell 125, which will give us a £500 rent fund

Love and hugs in Christ

Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxx


Raspberry Grace said...

The Angels are lovely, of course, and the fabric too - how come I never see anything so pretty when I go into the charity shop?

I really have a very bad and unimaginative eye!.

I'll be buying a rabbit when they are ready *winks*

Lots of love, Rasp xx

ps: LOVING the gingham boxes!

Elaine said...

The pic was taken in my bedroom and the boxes store all my cards.

Pink gingham - female rellies
Blue bubble - male rellies

and so on.

They are just covered shoe boxes

Raspberry Grace said...

Did you cover them yourself? with fabric?

Very pretty!

love, rasp x