Monday, 24 September 2007

Second time around

I tried writing a new post last night. I should have waited. I was so tired I could barely see what I was doing, it was such a load of gobble (much more than usual) I just gave up.
I have been a little disappointed. The patterns and stamps I've ordered still haven't arrived, but I've decided to make the most of the time anyway. I've been eyeleting tags ready to use on projects. I've had a batch of eyelets for some time but have rarely used any because of trouble with my hands. Usually after half a dozen I have to give up because my hands refuse to work, but I have a new tool. A Crop-A-Dile. I think they've been around for a while but I hadn't seen one before. Punching holes and putting in eyelets is now so easy! I will try to get some photos, it's a weird looking object but it does the job with little or no strain at all. So I've decided to eyelet a batch of tags I bought from the local craft shop, ready to use at a moments notice.
I had some lovely fabric given to me at chapel last night. I'll try to get a photo of that too.

Love and hugs in Christ

Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Raspberry Grace said...

I saw the crop o dile while searching on ebay :)

I love eyelets, they are fab:)

Love, rasp xx