Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Don't Faint !!!!!!!

Look at this, yet another new post.
I know, I know, I should slow down LOL

I love looking at lots of photos
so I should really post them too
and yesterday the weather was
so lovely & sunny
that I managed to get lots of
new pics done.

Of course both Mr. Bumpkin and Martha-Moo
thought I was outside for their benefit !!!!
(please excuse the rather rude gnome)

Now I can load up my blogshop too,
so please hop over and take a peek.

If there is something you'd like for
Mother's day or Easter
I'll do my very best to get them to you in time.

With love & blessings in Christ


Lace hearts said...

Stunning as always - in fear of boring you, I absolutely adore my Bloomin' Myrtle kitty cat. Lovely to see you posting again. xxx

Karens Hopes said...

We are all enjoying this lovely sunny weather and it certainly brings the best out in your work, everything looks great.

Billie said...


Followed the link from Debbie's forum to find your blog. WOW. I was just going to say how nice your flopsy bunnies were, when I saw the Ducks/geese.

What wonderful things you make.

Take care