Monday, 21 June 2010

Crafty times

Hello everyone!!!

The year is still going way too fast for me.
Can't believe DH has been out of work for 6 months now,
only 1 interview in all that time too,
I hope things start picking up after the budget.

Since my last post we've had birthdays & Father's day
and in a few weeks it's Claudia's birthday.
Her BF is in hospital atm, they are having problems
trying to find the cause of his constant sickness.
I'm finally being sent to see specialists with my ailments,
with appointments in August.

And last Saturday (19th) we held our
Summer Craft Fair.
It was the first anniversary,
a whole year since we started organising craft fairs!!!

Looking back it's no wonder this
year has gone so fast!!

Anyway, as I've said nothing to do with the title
(apart from the craft fair)
I'll now point you all in the way of my blogshop.

I thought I'd try to sell a few more bits
to help with finances
(by which I mean replace the money
I've spent of fabric *blush*)

I'll be putting bits and pieces on there
most of this week.
Some new products and
some will be *old favourites*


Love and blessings in Christ



Cheap2Chic said...

Beautiful makes BM, scuttling off to your blogshop xx

angel said...

You always make such wonderful things BM.
I keep saying it, but i wish i lived in your street, you would never get rid of me... LOL
Love and blessings honey. Mwah XXXXXXX

Anonymous said...
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val said...

Shalom Elaine, First I want to say how much I love your blog, I am inspired every time I pop in. Would you have any objection to me doing an "Inspiration" posting about you and your shop? I am a 20 Minuter too and once I did an "Inspiration" posting about Marmalade Rose.
Next I want to say that my family has experienced the "no interview" situation and I just want you to know as a sister in Christ that our God WILL provide. Stay close to Him in prayer and His Word promises that He hears our humble cry, a bruised reed He will not break nor snuff out a little candle flame. Hold on to the promises in His Word and be radiant. A promise for you .... Proverbs 3: 5-7.
By the way Elaine, if you read my blog you will see that work has come .... but we have had to leave our beautiful High Peak. God is good - all the time.
Blessings to you and your family,
Val <><

Gi Pontes said...

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