Monday, 24 May 2010

Mystified & Mushified

Just a quick post so you all know I'm still here.

Not sure where the time flies to, but it
doesn't come anywhere near me,
it only ever seems to fly away!!!

I've been trying to catch up with
some work, but failing.
Everytime I do any ironing, the pile seems to grow
(What's that about ???)

I'm trying to get some sewing done too,
bit of a slog with my treatment still ongoing,
but we have a craft fair in less
than 4 weeks, so I need to make something
or I'll have nothing new to sell.

I have managed to make a few bits & bobs
as you can see from the photos
dotted around.

Hopefully I'll have something witty
and absorbing to say in my next post,
but today my brain is mushified ;O)

With love and blessings in Christ


Serenata said...

Mushified or not, your crafting is beautiful as always. How much longer do you have left of treatment>

Elaine said...

Not really sure. Still traction atm, but no idea how long for, or if it'll be followed by more manipulation, or other exercises.
Getting a little better each week though, so I'm chuffed with that.


val said...

Even if your brain IS mushified Elaine, your "bits and bobs" are looking good. Hope you have a really good craft fair and enjoy your day.

Lajoni said...

Your ''Bits and Bobs'' are as ever awesome hunny and I am so pleased you can feel the benefit of your treatment.
I'd like to commision a doll when your craftfair is over, have you any of the hair/wool left that I love?

Elaine said...

It's been discontinued Laj, but..... I got one ball from the sewing shop !!!
I got another colour in it too, and a couple of other funky ones.