Friday, 10 July 2009

My lovely Goodies

I have been so blessed over the last few days.
2 of my lovely friends over at Shabby Chic Cafe
have sent me beautiful, though undeserved, gifts.
Yesterday I got in from a whirlwind trip around Mozzers
(that's Morrisons Supermarket to normal peeps)
to find that Mr.Postie had left me an
unexpected parcel!

Me being me
(I'm in the *rip 'em open quick* club)
I never thought about the camera.
Off came the wrapper and inside was a
gorgeous collection on yumminess.
Claire, AKA Dolly Dollop
had drawn me in her Give-away.
Well, I knew I had a lovely teacup picture coming
(though I sort of forgot.... which is good because
it means a surprise)
but I wasn't expecting all the other goodies too.
Not only the fabulous picture
(which I hope others get the chance to own too
when Claire finally opens her shop)
but a pretty little blackboard,
with the tiniest gingham bows

And one of Claire's sweet little UJ broaches
(which was pinned on me cardi as fast as lightening
and did the rounds in Burton even before the photos!)
And some scrummy black bias with bright pink pindots.

There is also a pillowcase,
but I'm keeping that back a while *wink*
Thank you so much Claire *mwah*

Then today, another bump at the door, and Mr.Postie
hands over another parcel to Mr.Myrtle
(I was still in me Jimjams)
Again, I rip it open, faster than a
Maccy's worker says "do you want fries with that"
and inside is the loveliest, sweetest printed fabrics,
2 pieces of lovely fine prints
and 2 pieces of stunning broadcloth!
All from the lovely Mary Poppins.

Thank you so much Mary,
you are a little treasure *mwah*

While I was out showing off my new broach yesterday
I popped into Homus Bargainous
and look at what I found!
Now how could I resist something so
obviously made just for me!

With love and blessings in Christ


Lalabi-baby said...

Lovely gifts Elaine .... love the cup too .... I used to have a poster on my fridge when the kids were small ... it was a little mouse with broom in hand and the caption that an immaculate house was the sign of a wasted life. I used to make myself look at it whenever the untidiness got me down.

angel said...

Haha i love that mug i will have to get one of those. :-)

Wow, what goodies! you have been spoilt havent you.:-)

I love love love LOVE the UJ Badge i deffo want one of those.

Love hugs and blessings dear sister Mwah X x X x X x X

*ridgedom* what sort of word is that!

claire said...

Couldn't agree more with the mugs sentiments :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that brooch was deffo worth the wait, it is SO cute.

LissyLou said...

What wonderful things!! aren't they both lovely ladies!!!!!

Anonymous said...

gifts, and I love the cup! xxxx

Lajoni said...

I love love love evertything you rec Elaine....I have painted a few signs like the mug with variations on those words, lol I love 'em

The brooch is fabulous , Ive not seen one like that b4 no wonder you were excited and the little chalkboard and MPs material ooooh what a lucky lady xxxx

Raspberry Grace said...

Lovely lovely lovely, you lucky girl!

Love, Rasp xx

Lace hearts said...

You more than deserve all those treasures. How lovely. xxx

Country Bliss said...

Lovely goodies Elaine and the mug is great!
Yvonne x

Serenata said...

Lovely gifts and as the cup - perfect!

The sewing room said...

So sorry to hear about Poppy l did,nt know untill l just read your blog,my heart goes out to you it won;t be long now l think before we are saying good bye l don't want him to suffer and yes my house will be very lonely with out him on that note a big hug for you PAT

sharie said...

I love the gifts. And the fabric will come in handy I shouldn't wonder ;-) I bet you already have it earmarked for something special.
Great cup -and nice sentiment on the side :-)

BTW thanks for leaving the comment on my blog about the ribbons to hold up the the strapless dress. I'll have to do that - or get arrested for flashing! :-0