Saturday, 18 July 2009

Fabricitus Nonsewenufus !!!

This week has been a strange one,
Last Saturday we (Claudia & me) did our first
out door event.
It was a local fund-raiser for a community project.
Usually I have *feelings* (normally wrong) about
these things, whether good or not,
but this time I didn't know what to think.
Would it be good or not??
The weather report was awful, but we had
our brand new gazebo
(didn't even know how big it would be)
so off we set.

It turned out to be a lovely day,
the gazebo was really spacious
(we could have fitted loads more in it)
and very good quality, and best of all
really easy to put up, sturdy and beautiful!!!
The table you can see is a large pasting table.
We could easily have fit at least 2,
And in the centre the height is at least 8'!!!

At one point we had several kids, 5 adults
and a large pushchair inside, and still room to spare.
Well done Argos, and all for £48-ish.

These photos were taken at the end of the day,
thankfully we were the only stall selling handmade
goods, and though we didn't make our first
million we did have brilliant time,
and made new friends and fans!!!
(and a couple of contacts too)

From Monday onwards I've felt pretty rough,
some sort of bug giving me mega sneezes
(around 1000 on Monday, I kid you not!)
sore throat, sickliness, and
not being able to face meals
(though ice cream was fine ;))

But I was cheered by an unexpected parcel!
I thought I'd ordered from Alcatrazz in my
poorliness and forgotten,
but is was the most gorgeous Mitty.
Look at all this wonderful fabric!

And more!!

And more!!!!

And even more!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Mitty, it's all so lovely
(even if I did catch Fabricitus Nonsewinufus LOL)

With love and blessings in Christ


angel said...

It all looks fantastic BM, i love the gaz you got a great bargain there, lucky girly.
Isnt Mittymotty lovely. :-)
I do hope you Frabricsitus clears up quickly and you can make gazzilions more of your wonderful makes, you are a lovely cleverererer woman and i luves ya loads. :-)

And a gazzilion Blessings. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X

Todays word *skereak* ....hum.... i sometimes wanna Shriek at OH, and it is a bit similar i spose.

Lajoni said...

Love the gazebo what a brilliant idea it looks fab and not suprised you did so well and of course the lovely Mitty's package was huge as always ..she is so very generous xx

Raspberry Grace said...

It looks fabulous, well done you...I'm still drooling over your bunting :)

Love, Rasp xx

Mandy said...

thank you so much for your kind comments regarding the loss of my mum. It takes time but as they say it is a great healer. Not a day goes by when I dont think about her and my dad (my dad was 42 when he died! I was 9) now they are together again and visit me often.

angel said...

Maj uses "Soft soft soft" ...*titter*


Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Glad you had a good day - the gazebo looks brill :)

Lovely parcel from Mitty


sharie said...

WOW! It looks lovely and I bet you had a great time and plenty of customers as your stuff is gorgeous.
No one could resist I bet.

Anonymous said...

Oh Elaine, I've just read your comment about you having SF, I hope you are ok, it is terrible how many people are getting this awful virus.
Take care xxx

MelMel said...

Just had a lovely time reading your blog....

Nice to have joined you on the SSC!

Pam said...

That bunting looks great - makes the gazebo look very attractive.
Not surprised you had lots of visitors to your stall.
P x

Lace hearts said...

It looks really really good - everything you do always looks so lovely. I'm pleased it went well (though a little time ago now!). The gazebo was definitely worth it. And what a gorgeous package from lovely MittyMotty. She's a star.
Now, I still haven't seen a picture of Cyril B! Am waiting!!!
Mwah Have a wonderful weekend. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx