Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Craft Fair Delights

Just a week and a few days away,
we are hosting our first Craft Fair.

It's getting very close, very quickly,
and it seems like there is still so much to do.

In between printing posters, letters, leaflets,
running to the pooter shop for yet more ink,
trying to rent out the tables...................

I've been trying to make some new goodies too.

I've had the patterns for these aprons for some time.
Actually there is a bit of of saga attached,
I might have blogged about it ??? not sure ??

Anyway, I bought them.............
and they promptly went missing for about a year!!!

Eventually they turned up but still sat in their packets
for a further year *blush*

Then I found some wonderfully
bargainous bias binding from Alcatrazzzz
(actually it's Abakhan, but the place
holds me prisoner until I pay a ransom)

So out came the patterns at last!!

The Globaltex "Sweetie" fabric came from Alcatrazzz too,
it's looks so yummy with the blue gingham binding.

This apron tells a tale too.

The main fabric is a gorgeous reproduction from RJR fabrics,
part of a limited addition range.
I got this piece about 2 years ago,
and always planned to make something kitcheny with it.
It's part of the Mama's Feedsack range,
this (obviously) being the blue teacups.

It's so pretty, I've tried to get more
but can't, sadly :(

I've teamed it with some lovely fresh gingham,
sent to me by Heather, bless her.

And the binding is another Alcatrazzz one,
sweet tiny red flowers,
the odd tiny blue flower and little creamy-biege butterflies.

The apron is put together by
completing the outer side panels first,
and then work inward, the centre being last.

Imagine my disappointment when
I got to the centre panel I was
about 10" short of bias!!!!!!!!

Then I thought "get a grip gal",
and "invented" the little fold-over panel at the top,
finished off with a little appliqued teacup.

I really like it now, problem is I made it up as I went along
so could I do it again !!LOL

Love and blessings in Christ




Country Bliss said...

Wow, beautiful aprons! Good luck with organising the craft fair, hope it all runs smoothly.
Yvonne x

Mary Poppins said...

Wow, what beautiful, wonderfully creative, pretty aprons :) You are so clever.

Well done and good luck with the Craft fair, i bet you make a packet ;)

Love and blessings

Lalabi-baby said...

Good luck with the craft fair .... I hope all your hard work pays off ... lovely aprons .... I paid my first ransom to Alcatraz last night .... what have I started !!!!

Lace hearts said...

Elaine, those are absolutely gorgeous. Stunning, as is everything you make. I do hope the fair goes well, and I so wish I was close enough to come along.
Camping with duvets is definitely the way to go, I think - I've always done it, and always found it comfy and cosy. Doesn't work if you have to get to the campsite on a bike, though. Haha.
Lacey xxx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic aprons, love them! xxxxxx

Lajoni said...

What gorgeous aprons far too pretty to do anything other than stand around and pose.
Oh I know your going to do so well at this fair, I've put some bumf about and given afew leaflets to friends so I really hope its a success xx

Anonymous said...

love it love it love it love it love it...!

Mary Poppins said...

Thanks for the brilliant tips Elaine :)

I am the only one in the fsmily who has seen them so feel the little rascels got it in for me ;)


If ever you want to make a little mosaic, that the website I used, all free and really easy. When you have done your mosaic save as, and then can put on your Blog

Love and blessings, say hi to the SC gals !


angel said...

How lovely is that apron! all your things are absoblumminlutely gorgeous........ everytime i see something new you have made it makes me smile...
God bless you for your craft fair, i will be praying that it goes well. :-)
We have our tomorrow so i know how gut wrenching it can be to organise, but you will enjoy it.. Honest you will. :-)

Love you loads Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Haha you aint gunna believe this one *prants*....... hahaha