Monday, 2 February 2009

There's snow place like Gnome

(Sorry, I just couldn't resist that title.)
Our garden looks quite nice today. There's still plenty of stuff lying around that shouldn't be, but under this lovely thick white blanket it's hard to tell the buckets from the planters LOL

This photo was taken around 3.30pm. My foot print is about 3"-4" deep,
but there is another couple of inches compacted below too.

Poppy the dog loves it too, but the photo of her is too blurry to use,
not quite sure if she was moving too fast or I was shivering too much.

I love the look of the shrubs too
(hope my neighbour doesn't mind her house being on show oooppss),

but not the look of the fence after a car crashed through it.
Still, I suppose these things happen, and this certainly did!


On another note, my blanket is coming along nicely. I've started joining the squares.
Not a job I love but it has to be done.
After I've joined 81, I shall decide exactly how I want it to look,
whether I need more squares, how to edge it, etc. But so far I'm quite pleased with it

Thank you to my lovely, beautiful friend Angel for another award.
Bless her, not only is she helping to raise lots of much needed money for a children's project in Nakuru, Kenya
(Kids in Need is about building a home for orphaned children who's lives were devastated in the awful troubles there last year).
not only that, but she has taken it upon herself to keep the manufacturers of certain ladies product in business during the recession.
How good is that!!!!!!!!
Actually, on that subject, I must say thank you to Debbie at Shabby Chic Cafe for making the KiN project the charity of the year.
If anyone would like to know more, please pop along to the Cafe
or leave a comment on Shabby Angel's blog.

With love and blessings in Christ Elaine xxxxxxxxxxxxx


angel said...

A brown Rabbit in the grass... ewww, sounds

Thank you honey for the KIN plug, your the best. Mwah

Your garden looks all lovely [covered in snow, just like mine] i love your gnome [great title btw] *smile* so sorry about the fence but am glad you [or anyone] wasnt hurt, that would have been unbearable.:-(
Your blanket looks so good and you are so neat, the squares actually look square! wow.....
Love hugs and blessings Honey. Mwah X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx X xx

Martha said...

Hi, I hope you are doing well. I loved your photos, the blanket is lovely. Sorry about the fence!
Take good care!
Hugs, Martha

MaryPoppins said...

You certainly do not talk drivel Elaine, now take that back please

Wow you have so much snow we have the sunshine here now , though our Snow lady is doing very well and stands very proud amongst the green grass :)

Thank you for your encouraging comments, really special and kind of you, as is our dear angel too, raising all that money for some very special people

I adore your blanket, it is beautiful and would look lovely on my couch :)

Blessings and kindness



Raspberry Grace said...

The blanket is gorgeous Elaine, well done!

Lots of love, Rasp xx

Country Bliss said...

Lovely snow pics and your blanket is looking beautiful. I hate joining the squares too!
Yvonne x

Anonymous said...

LOVELY to see you are posting more BM!!!

The garden and the gnome look wonderful covered in snow and I am amazed by your crochet work ... I wish I could do that. I seem to be fine with knitting but crochet kind of works for me but only for a bit.

Keep up the good work.
love Sandie xxxxxxxxx

by the seaside said...

I am new fangled now that I can post on blogs. Lovely blog BM