Thursday, 5 February 2009

How Cool !

More lovely, glorious snow!!!!!!!
I love it.
I've been out (proper) for the first time today (a health thing) and the weather was perfect.
Crisp air, but not too cold, so Claudia and me went to do a bit of shopping, and I actually remembered the camera!

First stop (after the charity shops) was the supermarket, where this jolly fellow greeted us.
Then a walk home through the local park.
What struck us was the cheerfulness of everybody. It seems the weather has brought out the best in people. And there was a definite air of community spirit, a oneness with each other, and I say "Thank God for it."

with love and blessings in Christ,


Anonymous said...

Ah! You remembered to take your camera! And it was SO worth it ... such lovely photos BM....

LittleGem said...

Lovely photos BM! Just seen your gorgeous crochet blanket it is yummy! Such lovely colours X

Raspberry Grace said...

Lovely pics!

Your right about the community spirit, and it is lovely...something we've lost these days, sadly (how did we lose it?)

A big hug to you and C (and T!)

Love, Rasp x

Lajoni said...

really pretty photos...I agree about the weather bringing out the best in we were walking to work this morning everyone was so cheerful and was great xxx

fiftiesgirl said...

Lovely photos x

Country Bliss said...

Beautiful photos, I wish we still had some snow.
Yvonne x

Martha said...

Love your photos and that snowman! I love real snowmen. Once the young kids down the street made the sweetest little snowman, he was so cute, I wanted to take a picture of him, but never did and one day he was gone!
I like the snow, it makes everything look clean during the drab winter months!
Hugs and take good care, Martha

MaryPoppins said...

Gorgeous photographs, so very cheery and happy :)

Thank you so much Elaine for your very special comments on my blog, means so much, I shall keep coming here on my holiday, as it is so warm and comforting, everything I love :0

Love and God bless



angel said...

Whoopee, snow looks lovely honey, so glad you remembered the camera, phew. :-)

Love hugs and blessings... Mwah

Lajoni said...

Thanks for the blog shop idea Elaine I might look into that xxx

Lace hearts said...

Lovely, lovely pictures - I just love the prettiness of the snow.
Thank you so much for leaving a comment on dd's post - she was so made up by it all. She's planning her next makes!
Hope you're a lot better now. xxxxxxxx
haha - word needed today is coment. I've dunded that!