Saturday, 5 July 2008

July Sunshine

This lovely photo of the penstemon in our garden actually belies 2 facts.

While it looks lovely and sunny, it has been raining and we are promised more over the next few days, in fact if you see anyone walking around looking nicely tanned just take a closer look, it's probably rust!

The other lie is that we have a garden. We do have a space outside, indeed space may not even describe it. The "space" is around 11' wide by 80' long. Some may call that a garden, but it's not really anything at the moment. We have a border that just a few years ago sported some beautiful plants, but now only has a few (though thankfully the penstemon is very big and hides the emptiness well).

We have a patio of sorts, but has so much junk dotted around it's unusable.

We have a rockery area that has been in the making for 2 years, but not quite made it yet.

We have a shed, with a mini-tip in front of it. It might even be a second patio one day, when it grows up.

Behind the shed was a lovely paved area that has sprouted more junk, mostly wood. and beyond that we have a mini woodland. The birds love this area which is just as well because we can't use it (too over grown).

Why so much space yet so little you might ask? Husband. He's the answer.
I used to be the gardener until I damaged my neck a few years back, now I have to rely on DH. But DH has other ideas. So if anyone has any (clean) suggestions as how I can get my garden back please let me know. Thank you.

On a lighter note, here is my bargains from last week.

DH actually pointed out this lovely tea set in the Heart Foundation, and I was pleasantly surprised at the price. There are 4 cups and saucers and a little sugar bowl, but sadly no milk jug or teapot.

and these lovely glass candlesticks came from the local hospice shop.

I did get a few more goodies too, but I'm saving those for another rainy day!

Love and blessings in Christ,



Lace Threads said...

I love your bargains - the tea set is very pretty.
I have no clue what to suggest about your garden. The problem with sun followed by lots of rain, followed by sun, is that the weeds love it. My hubs keeps our garden up - so I sympathise with yours not wanting to! I love gardens, but some of us are not born gardeners!

Trish said...

love the tea set hunny, and the glass candlesticks too :D no advice about your garden though, mine was neat when we moved in and I have tried to be really good at keeping it nice sorry xxx

MaryPoppins said...

Love your tea set, touched me that it was from the Heart foundation as Oscar my 22 month old has a heart condition and so a charity I feel close to. he had a ballooning where they stretch the valve when he was three months old and you would never know as is like any other 22 month old very very cheeky lol X

angel said...

Lovely stuff BM.
You have the bestest sense of humour ever. Mwah.

I dont have a clue about advising you on gardens? as you know mine is forever upheavelled!!!!!!!!
Love and Hugs Honey. Mwah XXXX

Ps wanna see a skip, boy have I got a skip!!!! and a caravan and a tipper truck and a mini and a golf and aghhhhhh. :-(

girlonarock said...

great bargains, makes me want to go out hunting! and hows lovely Derbyshire these days? my great-grandma lived in Castletown in Derbyshire and i have such fond memories of playing in her garden as a child, and how lovely it was.

Lace Threads said...

See, I just had to find an excuse for visiting again before you bother to update. So, it's like this, I've awarded you an award, which will obviously bring realms of peeps flocking to your lovely blog. See my blog for the details. xxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Elaine

Thankyou for showing your wonderfull tea set, reminds me of my time living at home, on west sussex coast,
I am now in Derbyshire since my mid teens,
I enjoy x-stitch and other crafts, Chat to you soon,
Take care