Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Long summer days...........................

Where are they? It's almost midsummer's day, the longest day of the year. Where?

So far I haven't really even noticed the lighter nights. And, so far, I can almost count the t-shirt days on the fingers of 2 hands. I suppose once July and August get here the weather may pick up.

I don't like very hot weather, I'm just not built for it, but I do love the smell of washing fresh from the line. Yesterday was a good drying day, quite warm and windy, but today is miserable, and according to the weather reports things are not looking good for the weekend.

Unless I'm on a beach, splashing around, the best thing about fine weather is hanging out the washing and being able to walk places without getting wet. I'm not a sun-seeker, hate wearing dark glasses, but I do like a straw hat. I get some funny looks when I wear my straw hat, but I like it.
It has seen better days mind, it's looking a bit tatty, but I love it.

We aren't having a holiday this year, but our plan is to strip the living/dining room of the yukky paper that's been on for years, then re-line and paint the walls. It won't be easy but it has to be done. I'm hoping to persuade my other half to refresh the kitchen and bathroom too, but shhh it's a secret. I've sort of approached the subject of the kitchen, but I haven't mentioned the bathroom at all yet. I thought I'd surprise him LOL.

I made some more Smelly Cats last week but only just got around to taking photos of them.

I love the beige one with the blue trims. The colours go much better than I thought they would. Now I have to crack on with more, and bunnies too, thanks to my lovely, dear friend Angel.

So, for now, I bid you all a fond farewell, while I go off a-sewing.

Love and blessings in Christ



Lace Threads said...

Oh, Elaine, those are simply beautiful. Thanks to that Angel, I'm never going to get one, am I! She's got you busy till beyond Christmas, I think. I'll snap one of the rosebud kitties up as soon as a spare one apears on your website! Poor thing claims she's ill, so I guess that's why she's not appeared yet.
The decorating is a good idea, and good luck with extending it to the bathroom.
Blessings, xxxxx

Elaine said...

I can do a cheat for you if you like Lacey, I'll send the details over on SC.

Lace Threads said...

Oooo, excited now. Will wait on hearing from you. xxxxxxxxxxxx

angel said...

Was a cheat then BM? Giz a clue.

I see Lycra Nicks got here first, tsk tsk, she is just so ooooo Qick off the mark T'int she. WUBU.

BM the Ickle puddies are so sweet, I lurve them...........hummmm.

It's been really hot and sunny here BM, I will send you some up, shall I?

I think I have sorted Naughty PP out and will re-thingy the thingy later, IYKWIM. {wink}

Love and Blessings, Honey. Mwah.

Elaine said...

Hello Girls,

The weather has behaved so far today but tomorrow...........eeekkk!!!

Another Era said...

Good luck with the decorating, its such an upheaval but well worth it. We've just finished the bathroom and DS's room which has motivated us to do the other two bedrooms this year!

Raspberry Grace said...

One of those rosebud lovelies has my name on it !

(You're far too clever for me *winks*)

love, Rasp xx

sparkle bug said...

some more fab smelly cats, they are so gorgeous, you really should try and sell them to a garden centre or a boutique


Lavender hearts said...

I LOVE your cats, they are fab! I love the floral one it's so pretty, you are so talented! Can you make chickens....I'd buy a chicken one, I ove all things chicken! LOL


Elaine said...

Hi Sian.

Unfortunately there is a very long (unresolved) story as to why I don't have a pattern for chickens.

I may bore you with it sometime.

MaryPoppins said...

Elaine your blog is lovely and all the beautiful things you sell in your shop. I really love the button hearts please keep me one I know they go fast X God bless

Lace Threads said...

Elaine, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my bag post.
I think you need to do a post about the chicken pattern - I'm very intrigued, and I'm sure Sian is as well.
Have a glorious day, Elaine. I hope all is well.

angel said...

I am Missing you so much. :-(

Thanks for putting all those lovely Puddies on your Webbie site, They are Gorgeous.

Miss ya................

Elaine said...

It's so bad isn't it.

Not 12 hours yet and we're all missing SC so much.

Just incase you read this Debbie, we miss SC so much, and it's your fault for making it such a special place

angel said...

I have asked Debbie to slap DH [but not let him know it was me who said it obviously] and tell him to get on with it...........LOL, If when its back up and running make sure I get in please. :-)