Monday, 31 March 2008

Climb every mountain.................

Good Morning Blogland!

I have a feeling of achievement today.

Firstly, I needed an appointment at the docs, and I got one !!!! Now that might not seem like a huge achievement, but because of the new system it can take days to see the doctor of choice, but today it only took 15 minutes of constant redial to get through (starting as soon as the surgery opens that is)
I thought, what else can I do while I'm on a roll?

So I took pics of a few things I've been meaning to for a while. I had to take them under the dining room window as DH is still in bed, enjoying a lie-in for a change (he's on an afternoon shift and I often take photos in our bedroom as the light is better there)
And here they are..................

............................ this is the lovely find from our local St.Giles charity shop I bought a while back. It was put on a high shelf, waiting for Easter, and I finally got it down and filled it with yummy chocolates that I have been enjoying each day since! They are such pretty geese. Next is my Heart Foundation find..............

The lid actually says "Tea for Mother" and I couldn't resist her as I love my tea and I am a mother!

I hope I can achieve more today, like actually using some of my stash to make something. I have more fabric that Dunhelms atm, (or so it seems) and I really need to use some because I've seen even more that I like!

So today needs to be a "making" day, rather than a "dreaming-of-lovely-new-fabric" day !

Here's hoping (and praying)................

Love and blessings

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Raspberry Grace said...

Chocolate, Tea and crafting.. sounds good to me!

love, rasp xx