Saturday, 30 January 2010

Random Winter Warmer

I can highly recommend one of these
to keep you warm on
chilly winter days!
It's so snuggly to have over my knees
while I work on it.
The only problem is I have
almost used up all my bits of DK yarn now.

I don't like to use from whole balls
but I have cheated a little bit,
especially for the brighter colours.
As you can see, it's almost large enough
for my bed now

(thankfully I don't have a king-sized one!)

Cyril has found his own way to keep warm
(aside from cuddling up on the bed)

The basket is a shopping size one,
so you can guess how big he is now
when he's not curled in a ball.

I haven't managed to get a decent photo
of Martha Bumpkin for ages,
she's such a whirlwind and starts
jumping around everytime the
camera comes out.

As I said, Cyril is allowed on our bed now
And the lovely bargain quilted throw
I got from ebay last November
is a firm favourite.
We don't get little
*wet patches* anymore,
Now we just get paw prints!!!

You've just got to love the
little dears though :-)

Love and blessings in Christ


mitmot said...

How cute is that kitty :-) loving the blanket, wish i could knit or crochet!

The sewing room said...

Well done with the crochet blanket ,very colourful and what a sweet cat.

hugs pat

Lalabibaby said...

Lovely throw and pussy cats too .... I will post some more DK off to you on Monday BM x

Lajoni said...

Oh the blankets lovely Elaine so bright and colourful...will bring a smile on many a dull day...and Cyril is a cutey x

Pixiedust said...

OOH your little cat looks so cute cuddled up in that shopping basket, they do seem to love boxes and baskets don't they! The blanket looks lovely, should be nice and warm on the bed. xxxx Pixie xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Really cute kittys! Don't they love being the centre of attention?
Love your crocheted blanket, it is so bright, and cheerful!

Have a lovely weekend : )

Sharon xx

Big Red Hearts said...

Awww he looks so sweet curled up in there. Love your patchwork quilt!

Serenata said...

Loving your crochet blanket, how are you doing it? It looks intriguing and something I'd very much like to try with all my bits of wool.

Elaine said...

Hi Lorraine,

If I start another I'll put something on here or SCC.
They are really easy as long as you can do a treble.
This is my second one. The first took over 20 years, this one has took 2 years so far.


val said...

Hi Elaine I am so glad to find your blog .... I too am new to blogging, live in Derbyshire, am of "a certain age" to say that James Stewart films are the best! and I am a Christian! So Hello! and I will pop in often :0)
love and blessings Val

Serenata said...

Oh yes please! Do let me know how it is done, I think it is wonderful - hope it doesn't take me 20 years though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine
My wife found your site looking for stuff on shabby chic. Love the blog - good on you!
And God bless you.