Saturday, 12 December 2009

And the winner is............................


Well done Twinny,
sorry to everyone who didn't get picked out.

It's good to give some good news first,
yesterday was such a mixed bag.
We organised our first Christmas Market,
which was really good.
The weather was awful for driving
so we were pleased with the turn out.
If anyone who came is reading this,
thank you so much, we really do appreciate
people supporting us, stall holders,
helpers and customers.

Now I need to load some new goodies onto
my blogshop.
I was chuffed with the response to my stars,
one lady stall holder, who makes beautiful quilts,
bought a star and had to ask where I'd joined the seam.
She couldn't see the join!!!
Anyway, some stars are going on, along with
some snowy people and bunting.
And I'll do my very best to
post any purchases asap.

The down side of yesterday is that my husband
will be finishing work at Christmas,
and as he's the sole earner things
will be tough for a while.
I can't say it was totally unexpected,
though it's never good to hear.
So it looks like I am going to have to work
through my stash and spend less *doh*

With love and blessings in Christ


Lalabibaby said...

Glad to hear the market went well Elaine and so sorry to hear about hubby's bad news especially so near to Christmas .... we are waiting to hear about the 350 redundancies at hubby's work too but we got through the 80s recession so we can do this again. Have a good weekend x

sparkle bug said...

oh elaine, i'm sorry to hear about your husband, it's awful to lose your job but at christmas it's just plain rotten. Fingers crossed he finds another job soon.

Twinny well done hun, you deserve the yummy goodies


sparkle bug

bekimarie said...

Well done Twinny, i'm not jealous at all ;)
So sorry about hubbys job but well said by Lala, you'll pull through it.
Love and hugs
Beki xxx

p.s love love love the snowmen x

Serenata said...

Well done Twinny and I'm pleased the market went well for you despite the weather. So sorry to hear about hubbys job. Why do they always lay off people just before Christmas? Just doesn't seem very fair does it.

Have a lovely weekend BM. Will be visiting your shop later ;-)

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi there, Pleased to know you did well at your craft fair!! With the lovely things you make, you deserve to.
Really sorry to hear about DH'S job. Lets hope we all have more to look forward to in the new year.Dave is unemployed at present, the first time on 30 odd years.Things surely should start getting better soon I hope.
Well done Twinny!!


Sharon xx

The sewing room said...

Sorry to hear your bad news regarding hubbys job, my son is still unemployed but my son in law has just found a job so hopefully your hubby will find one soon.Well done to Twinny and i love your sewing it is so adorable oh by the way remember what does,nt kill you makes you stronger sending big hugs Pat

The sewing room said...
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angel said...

Bugger! what! i didnt win!
Typical, never win nuffin....... Bah humbug......