Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Bags of Bags

I have my bag-making head on at the moment.
Shopping bags, tote bags,
foldable bags in their own little pouches,
but today I made my favourite bag.
It's my favourite because it's MINE!
I just love this Globaltex fabric,
but the bags on my blogshop are
aren't suitable for me (as much as I like them)
I needed a bag that is comfortable to wear
across my body rather than on my shoulder.
I've many shoulder bags I'm no longer able to use,
most of them are lovely, some have lots of buttons
(which I adore) but my poorly neck/upper back
means I can't use them.
Hence the need to design a bag that is both
functional and scrumptious.
And this is it!!!!

Very roomy, not too heavy,
wide comfy strap, that's adjustable.
And 6 pockets inside !!!!!!!

Room enough for the most avid junk collector *blush*
It will have it's first outing on Thursday.
TBH, I have already made 2 prototypes,
one I've already trialed, and one
for a friend to trial. Both have done good.
So I've stepped up the mark,
redesigned a few bits,
And added Pompoms.

Pompoms are my new love,
almost as good as buttons.
Now I'm off to make another, for the blogshop.

Oh, and this little beauty I made 2 weeks ago.
Well, not quite so little beauty,
it's actually quite a large tote.
I love the way the gingham bow turned out.

But this one is for selling, not for me.

Love and blessings in Christ


Lajoni said...

Oh so pretty, but thats only to be expected and I'm loving your new makeover really cheery, so very apt for you xxxx

angel said...

Oh BM that is amazing, but i prefer the one you made me...*titter*... i love mine.
Like you i cant wear a bag on my shoulders and this one fits me perfectly, it has so many pockets and buttons and ricrac and it has not hurt my neck shoulders or back, which is a first for ANY bag i own, so thank you and i love it to bits, i can honestly say i have never had a prettier bag.:-)

Thank you my bestest ever friend.... I wub you.:-) Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

preoffli.... hummmmm..... before off licences????

angel said...

Forgotted to say, your blog dont show up on my followers fingy.:-(
I never know if you have done a newun or not... I have to actually go and look! whats that all about?

Sheesh........ whats the world coming too... hummmm.

Love and hugs honey. Mwah XXXXXXXX

*noneser* and?????? what sort of word is that...tsk tsk... i dunno.. Shakes head....

Anonymous said...

Those bags are just fab! xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Oh wow that is so pretty!

shabbygirlmosaics said...

Both bags are gorgeous!!

claire said...

ooh you are one seriously clever lady xxxx I like a bag that goes across my body - not medical just annoys the life outta me lol!!
(i ordered some binding when I somehow found myself over at abakhan :)!!! no idea how that happened *rolls eyes*

Raspberry Grace said...

They are lovely, as ever, well done (((elaine)))

Love, Rasp xx

mitmot said...

i just ADORE your new bag, love all of the trimmings and buttons. I have the same problem as you and really need a bag i can wear over my body. Please let me know when you put one like this in your shop :-)

Thecraftytrundler said...

Love those bags!! Love making bags too, it's nice to be able to choose your own fabric, and adapt it to your own use with pockets, straps,keyring holders, and pretty touches!
Like the new blog surround! Great minds think alike, I had this one once too!!
Have a great weekend

Sharon xx

Angie said...

I LOVE IT! The pom trim is just scrumptious, too...what a cute design...really makes me wish I had a sewing maching of my own. You have some smashing talent, Elaine!

Hugs ~ Angie