Sunday, 10 August 2008

A little reminder of the time of year.

I can't believe how fast the year is going, and as a little reminder of just that thought, I bought another Christmas present on Friday. A car boot tidy for my brother-in-law, I plan to put 2 huge rolls of paper towels in it, as my sister is rapidly running out of teatowels (he just grabs whatever is closest to hand)

I haven't taken many photos recently, though I have several new goodies on the go, but here is a bag I made last week

I went to Dunelms and found the lush printed taffeta fabric and a metre just popped into the shopping trolley LOL

I thought I share some older photos of things I've made over the years
(excuse the quality, it's a very old scanned photo)

This lovely pair were made several years ago, probably at least 10 years, my how time flies.

And these are Christmas Annies I made a couple of years back, my sister actually bought them for her Granddaughters, but I still have Joy, she has become our mascot and her picture has pride of place on the website.Unfortunately this photo was taken before I learned to use the camera, not that I'm much better now !

I have loved dolls since forever really, and making them helps feed my habit, just a little bit.

With love and blessings in Christ
Elaine xxxxxxxxxxx


Country Bliss said...

Rosie and Jim look wonderful as do your other dolls, so much nicer than some of the ones that you can buy in the shops these days.

Martha said...

Hi! I love your dolls! There is something about a Raggedy Ann doll that makes you smile. I love old cloth dolls! I am going to visit some of your favorites now, thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day,
Hugs, Martha

angel said...

Oh, Elaine they are lovely, [as always] I love the boy and girlie, so sweet [is it Rosie & Jim?].
I wish i had your talent.
Ps when are my Bunnies coming *Tapping foot* they need loving ya know.

Lovely post as usual.
Bless you Dear Sister. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x

Elaine said...

I'm working on the bunnies as I type
(picture that if you can LOL)


Martha said...

Hi Elaine, I am so happy you stopped by and spotted your award. I was going to email everyone this evening!

Hope you had a great day,