Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

We went to the garden centre today to buy this years Christmas tree.

It's such a lovely place to be especially this time of year, it's a shame I never think to take the camera. There are robins that bob around quite happily among the trees (all under cover) and even inside the building part. It's as if they like to check that we're buying the right one.

This is last years tree

............................and without flash

(sorry about the quality, they were taken before I learned to work the camera!)

Unfortunately, just 1 hour after these were taken the tree was flat on the floor !!!
It was too front heavy, and toppled out of the bay window. We had to strip it bare and take it back out side. There was water all over the carpet, and very wet lights (of which we have about 400!)
The lights had to go into the airing cupboard for 2 days before we dared try to use them again.

Thankfully all was well the second time around, and this year Claudia has bought us a sturdy, heavy metal tree holder so we're hopeful that we shan't be having a repeat performance.

I'll post some photos of this years tree asap, and I know how to use the camera now.



1 comment:

Raspberry Grace said...

Last years Tree looks lovely Elaine, Now lets see this years! *wink*

Will post mine when I get some decent pics, it's not half as interesting though!

Love, Rasp xx